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The Wild Oven

Too many events involve food that leaves you feeling disappointed, underwhelmed and unsatisfied.  We’re here to change that. The Wild Oven is a team of people committed to bringing enjoyment and connection to those around us. We do this by bringing our wood fired ovens in classic vehicles to life’s celebrations, where we provide raved about food and service that brings people together.


It all begins from our base which is located in our family’s converted dairy. From here, we prepare the details and ingredients that enable us to bring fabulous wood fired food to your event.


Research from Oxford University revealed that sharing food enhances the bonds between us, alongside increasing our happiness and life satisfaction. We serve food that delivers enjoyment and enhances the connections between all of us and the experiences that we share. The feedback we get from the guests and clients who have enjoyed our food and service confirms this.  If you would like you and your guests to be brought together to share wood fired food to rave about then contact us.

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