Your Must-Have Wedding Photos at Bordesley Park

Your Must-Have Wedding Photos at Bordesley Park

We always recommend providing your photographer with your ‘must-have’ photos list before the wedding day, as you get so wrapped up in the moment on the day this will be the last thing on your mind!

Your photos are arguably one of the most important elements of your wedding, as after all the fun and excitement is over, it’s what you’ve got to look back on and bring back fond memories and show the grandchildren in years to come!

The list could go on and on here at Bordesley Park as there are so many places to have your photo taken, but here is a list of our 25 favourite photo moments / opportunities around the venue!

Arrival of the Wedding Party

The Full-Length dress shot!

The Groom, Nervously Awaiting The Bride

Ring Exchange

Signing of the Register

Exiting the ceremony

Full group photo

Empty marquee

Princess swing


Front door


Secret gateways

Neighbouring cows

The fallen tree

Hanging photo frame

Amongst the blossom trees

Countryside backdrop

To have and to hold

Barn doors

Private driveway

Confetti shot


Fairy lights at night