Pet Friendly Wedding Venues

Pet Friendly Wedding Venues

Pet-Friendly Wedding Venues, although they are becoming more popular, are difficult to find. Unless you define ‘Pet-Friendly’ as leaving a dog chained to a tree, there are very few wedding venues that will allow your furry family member to be included in your special day.

Unlike other, apparently ‘dog-friendly’ venues, Bordesley Park welcomes your pets as we would all of your honored guests. We’re all dog-lovers here, and we understand that having your faithful friend there will make your wedding all the more remarkable.

Of course, there are things you must consider when planning on having your dog with you during your celebration.

While you might love your pet unconditionally, you will have other things on your mind throughout your wedding and will not be able to watch him all of the time. Nominating someone to supervise and care for him leaves you to focus on enjoying yourselves and ensure the happiness of everyone else. If you don’t want to ask a guest, think about hiring a professional to look after them.

If you’re hoping to involve any pets in the formal ceremony, either as a ring-bearer or guest, Bordesley Park will happily accommodate them in their special role. Just be sure to confirm with your registrar that they are happy for this to go ahead. You should also inform your photographer of your plans. They might be able to suggest unique photo ideas with your pets after the ceremony. Practicing the ceremony with your pet, prior to the real event, means you can resolve any problems that might occur beforehand.

Our venue’s grounds give your furry friend all the space they will need to stretch their legs. Weddings can be noisy, dizzying events, especially for dogs. If you’re hoping to receive a large amount of guests, consider how your furry visitors will cope with this? How do they react when you receive house guests? The loud noises or the excitement of having so many guests may cause your pet a great deal of distress.

You should also consider your guests. Bordesley Park is an open, spacious venue, but if your guests are not enthusiastic dog-lovers, then you will need to take this into account. Inform them of your dog’s role before the day, so that they can prepare themselves.

Likewise, confirm any pet allergies your guests might have. What you don’t want is for someone to end the celebration with an unfortunate journey to the hospital! You want your guests to take away fond memories of your wedding.

If your pet likes to indulge in a daily nap, make sure you set up a little space away from the main celebration. Even dogs need their beauty sleep! There are plenty of secluded areas for your pet to take a rest or if your wedding proves to be a bit too much for them. In an emergency, plan for someone to accompany your pet home, or if you have hired ‘pet-friendly’ accommodation, to ensure they’re comfortable in an unsupervised environment.

Including favoured pets in the wedding photos means you can cherish the memories with all of your family members.

Our ‘Pet-Friendly’ venue allows you to celebrate your wedding with everyone important in your life.  Out of consideration for your pets, and guests we do recommend that your pets only come for the ceremony and photographs.

If you have further questions about including your pets in your wedding, please feel free to contact us on 0121 228 0229. Viewings are by appointment and we are always happy to show off our charming grounds. We look forward to hearing from you soon!