Meet the Team at Bordesley Park

Meet The Team

Bordesley Park Farm is a family home and the whole family are involved in the business.  Since the wedding business was created in 2014 we now feel that the family has continued to grow, with many happy couples coming back to visit us having first shared their wedding day with us.

We are very lucky to have Charlie as part of our team.  Her official title is Event Manager or Wedding Co-ordinator.  She is dedicated to helping couples with their wedding journey and ensuring that their day at Bordesley Park is perfect and stress free.

Janet, known as the ‘one with the many hats’ is our Events Assistant.  Throughout your wedding day you will see Janet pop up more times than Mr Benn.  With more years in events and hospitality than she would like us to admit Janet is the perfect person to have on your side on your wedding day.

Hamish, official title ‘Night Manager’ will be here in the evenings of your wedding day until the last person leaves.

Other team members include:  Vera, Laura, Tom and Will.  They are on different events or weddings depending on the size etc.