Festival Style Weddings at Rural Wedding Venues

Festival Style Weddings at Rural Wedding Venues

Think back to any festival you have been to. What makes them memorable? The music playing in the background; the hum of excitement. Mouth-watering smells of delicious food hovering in the fresh air as you join the crowd of voices singing along to the band on the stage.

If you would prefer a casual environment for your wedding, without the formality or conventions that are linked to traditional weddings, then a festival theme is the one for you.

Here at Bordesley Park, we would like to offer you the chance to fulfil this dream. Our luxury marquee is the perfect venue to host your day, giving you a blank canvas to truly capture your vision. With a comfortable view of the countryside, and open access to exclusive grounds, you and your guests can settle and enjoy the natural beauties that surround you. There are outdoor areas where you could set up little lounges on the field or beneath a tree to lay back and look at the stars. What could be more romantic?

Planning A Festival Style Wedding

So, you’re planning a festival wedding, but what are you going to eat? Somehow, a formal three-course meal just does not fit in with the theme.
Well, how about a Hog Roast? Imagine slow-roasted pork with apple sauce and stuffing, all wrapped up in soft, floury baps? (Don’t worry; there are caterers that offer vegetarian options!)

Not what you’re looking for? We have many more caterers to choose from. Afternoon Tea out on the lawn, wood-fired pizzas, a barbeque, the list is endless. Rustic Roast kitchen offer a whole host of choices all served from their Kahuna Hut or Outdoor Kitchen.

One thing you can’t beat for a fun, relaxing vibe is live music. You could use the main stage in the marquee, which includes a generous dance floor. We have recommendations for DJs, but for that festival feeling, you could hire a band. If you have musical guests, why not ask them if they would be willing to mix it up a little?

Weather at Festival Style Weddings

Of course, it would be best to have a Plan B. Here in the English countryside, you can’t always rely on the weather. While providing umbrellas and wellies (nothing says ‘FESTIVAL’ like muddy wellies) is all very well, you will want a little more shelter if that light rain turns into a downpour. At Bordesley Park, we’re always one step ahead. Rain or shine, our marquee can adapt to all seasons.

Our wedding venue is the ideal spot for those seeking a festival wedding. With open access to exclusive grounds and the stylish comforts of our marquee to offer shelter to your guest, you won’t have to cancel on account of the dreary weather.

Interested in finding out more about our Festival Weddings, here at Bordesley Park? Contact us at 0121 228 0229. We can offer you an appointment to tour our venue grounds or a meeting to discuss our wedding packages. We look forward to hearing from you!

Blog Post by Guest Blogger Yasmin Hughes