Child-Friendly Weddings at Bordesley Park Wedding Venue

Child-Friendly Weddings at Bordesley Park Wedding Venue

The formality of a wedding can seem dull or demanding for children. Having to sit in silence for a long period of time could be a chore that they find difficult to fulfil. If you’re hoping to include your own children, or those of your guests, you might want to consider ways of keeping them content while you celebrate your union. At Bordesley Park, there are countless offers to help make your wedding a child-friendly one.  We truly are a child-friendly wedding venue.

Once you have chosen your child friendly wedding venue its worth considering other tips to make sure your younger guests are happy!

Child-Friendly Wedding – Ask them to help out

If you have children of your own, or have young relatives, who might become restless during the ceremony, provide them with an ‘important’ role. Flower girls and ring-bearers are some of the more traditional choices, but you may also want to delegate an assistant to show your guests to their seats.

Child-Friendly Wedding Means – Making Them Feel Welcome

What with the loud music, flashing lights and general excitement of the day, receptions may mean your young guests become uncomfortable or fidgety. If you’re inviting a few children, make sure you organise activities for them to do. Bordesley Park has a sunken trampoline and a football pitch,  along with sweeping grounds, where your young guests could play some garden games, with more than enough space to set up an inflatable bouncy castle.

For more cost-effective entertainment, why not suggest a treasure hunt for all of your guests. As we are an exclusive use venue, you won’t have to worry about your young guests wandering into busy roads or disturbing other customers.

Instead of favours, hand out activities bags at the start of the reception. Filling them with colouring books, crayons and quiet toys is a certain way of keeping them occupied. Set up a children’s table with creative projects, and ask someone if they would be willing to supervise them.

Disposable cameras give them the chance to play ‘photographer’. You will be surprised at the beautiful images you will end up with, and there are many scenes to capture at our beautiful venue. Make a game of it by creating a list of things for them to photograph. While a professional photographer will provide you with memories of your celebration, those from your young guests will hold a special place in your photo album.

Hire the Professionals

If you’re stuck for child-friendly entertainment to hire on your wedding, Bordesley Park has highly recommended professionals who will fascinate guests, young and old.

Why not consider hiring a children’s entertainer? Magicians, clowns, story-tellers will amuse them while the adults continue with the formal aspects. It also gives the parents a chance to enjoy themselves for a while, safe in the knowledge that their child is being cared for. For evening weddings, make sure you have childcare available; little guests can be unpredictable if they have to stay up past their usual bedtime.

Child Friendly Wedding Means Child Friendly Food

Children can be notorious picky-eaters, and having a formal meal at a wedding may not go down well. Offering a child-friendly menu alongside, or choosing to have a buffet means there is bound to be something for everyone to eat. Our range of recommended caterers will help you to find the perfect selection to have on your wedding day. Including snacks, either in their activity bags or throughout the reception will help them to curb their appetite while they wait.


If you have further questions about our child-friendly weddings, please feel free to contact us on 0121 228 0229. Viewings are by appointment and we are always happy to show off our charming grounds. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Yasmin Hughes

Guest Blogger At Bordesley Park Wedding Venue